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Dell Dell brand of brush SLIC2.1 detailed tutorial - a dream ...
Windows7 OEM software simulation of the current crack has appeared, but for some users, or you want the OEM through the normal channels to activate, this time on. .

Must meet the following three conditions:.

BIOS has a complete SLIC 2. .1 Table. .

OEM manufacturers certificate.

OEM-SLP product key. .

A SLIC table: about.

MS Started from the Vista SLIC table activate OEM. .

Windows, SLIC table exists in the BIOS, there are two main parts: big blocks, Pubkey Pubkey and Marker used to match the system's OEM certificate, Marker summary.

Set to activate the Windows version of the SLIC. 2. .0 Version of the Marker can only activate Vista, 2. .1 Version of the Marker can activate Vista/Win7. .

Full name of the SLIC is Software.

Licensing Internal. .

Code, that is, the internal code of the software license. The motherboard is generally considered the most hardware upgrades cannot be replaced, or even view the motherboard replaced approximately equal to the replacement of the entire machine. To effectively identify a machine is.

OEM legitimate users can be pre-installed Operating system on each machine on the motherboard, the BIOS, write specific information to identify the OEM is a legitimate user's machine. This information is SLIC. Different. .

OEM SLIC of different manufacturers, so their OEM Operating system cannot be mixed.

SLIC is generally written in SLDT (Software..

Licensing Description Table, software licensing Description table), SLDT 374 bytes long. Instead, write the ACPI SLDT (Advanced.

Configuration and Power Management Interface, Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface). .

Windows Vista system, the earliest such authentication mechanisms, SLIC activated to 2. .0. Vista during the Startup process scans the motherboard BIOS in A public key and identity, and installed the key.

And the certificate file, verify if the three line, the system will be identified as Mianjiaoguo the OEM version. If only the lack of licensing books, will scan the Folder WINDOWS SYSTEM32 directory, if found. .

Certificate and verify consistency, it is considered a free activation OEM version and automatically install the certificate for the user.

Those who crack software activation system, meant to modify the system Starts scanning a link to change the certification path is no longer scanning motherboard BIOS, the SLIC, and guide the verification process to scan analog SLIC logo. .

Enable authentication to complete the activation mechanism of scheduled all of the NECessary elements to achieve the purpose of activating WINDOWS. Therefore, some soft activation system using view tool look like really, because the view of the SLIC is not.

Real BIOS in the SLIC. Recently, Microsoft and OEM manufacturers to upgrade it to the SLIC to upgrade SLIC2. .1 Version, only SLIC2. .1 Can OEM activation. .

Windows 7。 At present, most SLIC2. .1 BIOS can activate the Vista, which means that it is backward-compatible.

How to determine whether their SLIC Table 2. .1 Version of it? . .

Motherboard BIOS SLIC information is in the can be used to extract the relevant tools, the extracted information is usually stored as a suffix to the BIN file. For example, an OEM manufacturer releases a new Notebook, the motherboard.

BIOS in with SLIC2. .1, With the appropriate tools to extract, save for the A. . BIN, the A. . BIN BIOS information can then modify the tool to another computer's motherboard BIOS. .

. Note that the add procedure generally first offline, bring the new machine's BIOS backup, to back up IBIOS joined SLIC2. .1 information, and then change the new brush BIOS into the motherboard. There is also a must.

Note that different types of motherboard BIOS is different, modify the tool, update tools are not the same. .

Below are several common tools for viewing.

RW-Everything Read & Write. .


Run RW-Everything. .

Click on the drop-down menu Acess.

Click the ACPI tables. .

Click on the SLIC tab.

Will appear in the screen shown below. .

The above diagram is SLIC2. .0.

The above graph is SLIC2. .1. .

Intuitive tools for viewing Everest.

Ultimate Edition. .

1) accurately displays the host hardware and Operating system benchmarking information (including immediate major hardware.

Temperature; Operating system installation activation key; motherboard BIOS SLIC specific version of the current, etc.) 2) for CPU, memory, Operating system performance and stability of a comprehensive, in-depth testing (compatible with Windows..

XP/Vista/Windows 7)。.

General SLIC direct backup tool. .

"SLIC diagnosis, extraction, backup" tool — the SLIC.

Toolkit V3. .0. .

SLIC SLIC Kit. generic Toolkit.

SLIC is a powerful extraction, backup, diagnostic, analysis and other multi-functional green software. It has characteristics of easy Operation, from the initial simple Slic Dump. .

The Toolkit version. Now developed to the SLIC Toolkit version, in addition to inherit, and enhances the Slic Dump.

Toolkit version of most of the features (a small part of the implementation of the feature will not be added), it has added many new features. Such as: BIOS. .

Information display and diagnostic SLP1. .0, serial number and certificate from the backup, the SLIC's diagnosis. Also added is a tree structure shows ACPI. More features are being produced and constantly.

Perfected. .

SLIC Toolkit main functions and characteristics are as follows:.

1. . Support includes the latest Windows7, Vista Basic is included. .

There are lines x86/NT Operating system; x 64.

2. . Supports automatic switching Chinese / English Operation interface;. .

3. FAST and accurate extraction of serial numbers, certificates, information such as; SLIC.

4. . Support backup serial number, certificate, SLIC and other information;. .

5. support backup BIOS DMI diagnostic information, facilitate the offline analysis;.

6. . To support the validity of the diagnosis of SLIC, detailed results;. .

7. support ACPI displays a tree structure, similar to ACPIScope.

SLIC_Dump_TooKit. .


SLIC_Dump_TooKit V1. .05. .

Read, study, SLIC table tool backup — ACPIScope.

Install serial number: NLRNAITAKQST. .


Open ACPIScope, Point File = "Load ACPI information =" From BIOS, you can see all. .

ACPI tables, each table has a detailed analysis, conducive to learning the structure of the ACPI tables. You can also save ACPI table information for analysis.

Second on the OEM certificate:. .

Lenovo, DELL, HP, etc. brand, because of its SLIC2. .1 in Pubkey and same SLIC2. .0, these brand certificate using Vista times; for Acer, micro.

Star, Asus, SAMSUNG, SONY, BenQ brands, because of its SLIC2. .1 Replaced new Pubkey, so these brands Vista certificate is not activated Win7's abilities, needs new. .

Certificates to match SLIC2. .1.

OEM manufacturers may have a few less the same SLIC, most manufacturers only. .

Use a certificate corresponding, but there are individual manufacturers also has several certificates correspond with it.

SLIC certificate file summary. .

Win7Slic Chin brain up fun disc.

BI500_HI03_SLIC2. .1 Interesting site. .

.1 the interesting ASUS_VMBIOS_SLIC2...

OEM. .

Certificate key and SLIC_2. brain up .1 Chin.

Win7_Cert_Slic 1000 brain plate. .


Official original BIOS DMC521-1. .1. .12. .

DMC521-1。.1。.11 。.

DMC521-1. .1. .10. .

DELL PC's BIOS download list all series.

Dell DIMENSION C521 SLIC2. .1. .


Dell_C521_Bios_SLIC2. .1. .


C521N SLIC2. .1. .



III about OEM key:.

Starting from Vista, Windows of the OEM serial number into two broad categories - OEM: SLP Key and OEM: NONSLP Key. .

OEM: SLP Key: brand PC preinstalled OEM KEY used by the system, typically every version of Windows Microsoft will only give each OEM SLP OEM manufacturers a:.

Key, the OEM manufacturer of the brand of the same version of all the factory pre-installed systems are to use a KEY to. Windows7 OEM: SLP. .

Key does not need to be networked to the Microsoft server activation, you only need to have the computer BIOS, System SLIC2. .1 imported and SLIC2. .1 table Pubkey matching certificate, OEM: SLP.

Key Windows7 version you installed match, automatically activated. And OEM: SLP. .

Key to worry about being, as well as a large brand machine users is a KEY, so there will be serious manslaughter.

OEM: NONSLP Key: brand computers, laptops will have a COA on the bottom label on top of the KEY, the KEY is the OEM: NONSLP. .

Key, the KEY is to OEM manufacturers give you when you reinstall the system, using the Key and OEM: NONSLP ordinary RTL.

KEY activation mechanism is the same, need to activate the network to the Microsoft activation server, of course, you can activate the phone company. .

Also to note is that the OEM: SLP KEY brand, HP/DELL, etc., only indicate that the KEY is sent to Microsoft, DELL, HP/OEM: SLP.

KEY does not distinguish between brands can be used in all brands of computer systems - and of course you Windows7 version must be installed and OEM: SLP KEY version of the match. .


Key detection tools. .


Computer disk. .

Corner plate.

Windows. .

7 the latest OEM key.

4 refresh tools and certificate import tool. .

Self-help modify tools AwardTool Award.

1. Chinese Version .30. .

AwardTool is used to modify AWARD BIOS self-service tools, including a variety of methods.

【Use. .

1. open the .exe execution AwardTool_cn...

To modify the original BIOS file;. .

2, the correct choice of the manufacturer of the motherboard, such as: ASUS, Gigabyte, liters, EVGA, Dell, Ang da, elite, weiXING, COMPAQ, HP, not in the list of selected other;.

3, select the SLIC and (or) SLP documents;. .

4, According to choose the appropriate BIOS;.

- Pubkey best for ASUS ASUS. .

-Most suitable for statically 3 Gigabyte Gigabyte.

- Others may try to ISA or 0 +2. .

5, you can choose to record logs for easier viewing process;.

6, the options for different motherboard select the appropriate option (different motherboard options automatically default, pay attention to see tips). .

7, implementation.

8, if successful will generate a new BIOS, Brush try. .

Note: the design validation feature, you can put our hand-modified BIOS to verify the checksums are correct. Second, you can verify is.

Change BIOS, SLIC files ** matches. Add a dump new features (lower right corner * button) can be extracted BIOS stored in the module DUMP directory. .


Import tools serial number certificate. .

Download (33.01 KB).

12:53 the day before yesterday. .

This import tool removes the activate Win7 is not the role of a certificate, you can not only keep nitpicking and currently relevant.

Brand SLIC2. .1 Matching certificate. Functional single Win7 KEY import certificates and tools, not both KEY Vista certificates and import. .

1. Operating environment: only supports Windows7 7600 x86/x64, do not run in other systems;.

2. .

Use: the right to use the administrator run from 21 October update version, run it once free of the import certificate and KEY, enter the letters (case insensitive), select the certificate and KEY exports.

Jump into the digital selection page;. .

3. Additional note: If you've been brushing up SLIC2. .1 BIOS, then import bills and SLIC2. .1 that corresponds to the certificate, import bills and Ann.

Win7 corresponds to the version installed KEY】 automatically activated. .

OEM certificate key vendor information import tool WIN7.

OEM Tools v1. .3 WIN7 OEM Tools v1. .1. .

Software name WIN7.

OEM Tools v1. .3. .

Operating environment: Windows 7.

Usage: Run the program, According to the corresponding brand select the appropriate certificate, the key difference between non-brand, you can modify the key for other brands. . Contained in the certificate were: Dell (DELL), Acer (ACER), Asustek (ASUS), Hewlett-Packard (HP), BenQ. .

(BENQ), weiXING (MSI), Sony (SONY), Lenovo (LENOVO), SAMSUNG (SAMSUNG), Fujitsu (Fujitsu).

Note: Make sure that BIOS SLIC 2. .1 (Using SLIC_Dump_ToolKit view). . Otherwise not be automatically activated after the reStart. .


Solutions to activate Windows 7's six weapon. .

Includes: 1) "soft" activate tools; 2) OEM key detection tools; 3) SLIC read, research.

Tools; 4) SLIC extract, backup tools; 5) AMI BIOS update tool changes; 6) Award BIOS update tool changes. .

DELL series brand machine SLIC2. activate Windows 7 Guide .1.

1. .

BIOS with SLIC2. mAsked .1, no.. this camera is relatively new, generally 09 years later the new camera can be directly activated... ".

2. . BIOS with SLIC2. .1, But was blocked, usually N series machine, such as the E5400 and so on. . This type of machine only needs to run under DOS svctag. . Exe modify service number on it. .

3. BIOS with .0 SLIC2., not mAsked, Optiplex.

745/755, etc., typically 07-08 years of machine, such machine need to modify the BIOS, two possibilities:. .

A。. BIOS cryptography, refer to Dell Dell-branded machines brush SLIC2. .1 of detailed Tutorial this article.

B. . BIOS is not encrypted, and can be modified Phoenix BIOS Editor. .

4. BIOS with .0 SLIC2., but mAsked (n-series), there is a need to amend svctag (2), to modify the BIOS (3).

5. . BIOS without SLIC2. .0, Mainly 06 years old machine, this also points both. .


BIOS is not encrypted, and can be modified Phoenix BIOS Editor, add SLIC2. .1 Table can be. .


BIOS encrypted, this situation is very difficult. . There is no way to modify the BIOS. .

In addition, all can not activate loom can try and software activation tools Win7loader.

Once your BIOS with SLIC2. .1 Into Win7, direct the Administrator account, run:. .

SlMGr-ipk .vbs. ** ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * ** * *** (serial number).

slMGr-ilc certificate path \ dell. . Xrm-ms. .

To permanently activate Win7 is perfect.

Dell Dell brand of brush SLIC2. .1 Detailed Tutorial. .

A lot of Dell.

Brand of soft-activation can not Win7loader Win7. . Dell the BIOS file also very special, can not use normal tools to edit and update Phoenix BIOS. .

Its ROM file is encrypted, not good. online on Dell.

Bios modified article, but there are problems, causing many people to refresh refresh error or failure. . Here provides a simple way, I hope you need them. .

Note: this method can be used only for already contains SLIC2. .0 Dell BIOS, early DELL machines (not including SLIC2. .0) cannot be modified.

A dell official website first to download the corresponding BIOS file, the following example to Dell Precision T3400. .

2 download T3400A08. .EXE, onto the c:\downloads.

3 Run c: \ downloads \ T3400A08. . EXE-writehdrfile get the current directory T3400A08. . Hdr file. .

4 use WinHEX to open T3400A08. .hdr file, where 0-53h as file header, as part of the color.

The middle of the encrypted ROM files, the final eight yards for the efficacy, but also in two parts, the former 4 (red) Starting from 54h rom files to back down. .

Number 8-bit CRC32 Checksum of complement, 4 bits (blue) from 0 to 4-bit two 's-complement of CRC32 Checksum.

Therefore, the hdr file is divided into at least four parts: an encrypted file 2 file 3 Rom Rom efficacy code 4. .

Hdr parity codes.

5 hdr file search SLIC2. .0 Keyword, I was B9K (the other into the M08, M07, etc.), came as a location (DELL B9K). .

General Dell SLIC2. MARKER to 40 .0.

01 Start (shown in blue section), the same length, red box A9 (169) on behalf of its block length, later to be amended. . Black frame of the 2A is identifier, can not be modified. .

Note: many people mistake here, because different BIOS of these two characters is not the same, some are.

A2 A9 00 00 00 after the first mark length. .

There is.

A9 00 00 00 A2 after the first length of the mark. .

Judgment of the method is actually very simple, generally long A0 (160), and the designator is small, such as 2A (42), 48 (72), etc..

6 From 4001 to select A9 (169) length of the block, delete this part. . Other BIOS According to different lengths to deletion. .

7 open I provided Dell_M09_marker. Select all .bin files, copying, length AA (170). paste into hdr file just delete location.

Then, the file has been updated to SLIC2. .1 A (Dell M09). .


The length of the deletion of A9 (169), the new sticky entry for the AA (170), need to remove one can guarantee a successful write. . Search the back of the recent FFFFF, long list, casually remove a FF that is. .


9 4001 before the length of the A9 (169) into AA (170). .

10 search hdr file SLIC2. .0 keywords, I was fully replaced by B9K M09.

11. .

Modify the code defines the Rom parity block selection, from 54h (84) the last 8 bytes of the CRC32, calculation, the resulting value in NOT even take, in high and low bit-reversed order is filled, the following figure.

12. .

Modify the hdr file parity codes, definition of selected block from 0h (0) to the last 4 bytes of the CRC32, calculation, the resulting value in NOT even take, in high and low bit-reversed order filled, ibid..

These are the modified steps, then you should test it documents. .

Where: encryption Rom file + Rom parity codes CRC32 is FFFFFFFF.

header file + encryption file + Rom Rom efficacy code + hdr-tested code CRC32 should be FFFFFFFF. .

If no problem, just modify the hdr file.. the following is a package refresh.

Download Dell Client Configuration Utility 13-date is 3. .0 A01 version. .


After installation Start, choose a good hdr file to change point to the right of "Create a BIOS update package." .

Get BiosUpdate_T3400A08. .exe, run directly in windows to update the BIOS.

Automatically reStart after the reciprocal derivative certificates, serial number, apparently activated Win7. .

There is also a by-product, I activated the Win 2008 R2.

http://cid-5dfe60da79883b08. . Skydrive. . Live. .com / self. .aspx / Public / Dell. . Rar. .

This is changing for the better of dell.

T3400's BIOS and Dell_M09_marker. . Bin. .

Run directly in windows .exe BiosUpdate_T3400A08. to update the BIOS (silent).

btW: Many people like to use gzip compression bios file to paint the back, not the same as gzip version, refresh verification failure will cause the problem. . The best way is to make as I 13, dell. .

Official out things to brush up insurance points.

Enclosure Dell Dell. .

Dimension C521 brush SLIC2. detailed Tutorial .1.

The first step, open winfalsh1. .97 After. .

Point to the file menu, save the old bios., this case is on the c drive, the file name is below aWDbios. .bin.

Second, open Award. .

1. the Chinese version .30 SLIC.

Original Bios election just saved in the c drive following aWDbios. . Bin. .

SLI FIle selected directory under the directory of LENOVO SLIC21. .BIN, if you want to select dell Dell. .bin.

SLP File selected directory SLP directory LENOVO. . TXT, this corresponds with the sli file can be selected. .

Click on the go.

Will be generated in the c drive following a AWDBIOS_SLIC. . BIN file. .

The third step, once again opens the selected file winfalsh menu update Bios, open the generated text AWDBIOS_SLIC. .BIN.

Pieces, brushing can reStart,. .

Dell Dell brand of brush SLIC2.1 detailed tutorial - a dream ...


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